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Pet stories

Okay, I figure most of us have pets (or have had them or want them). Those of us with pets probably have some funny stories about them. Here's a thread to share...

I have 2 cats at the moment. KarmaKitty is an 11 pound black male and Drexie Calabash is a petite 6 1/2 pound tiger female. They're both 2, Drexie eats twice what Karma eats, and they both rule the house.

Karma periodically tries to escape whenever someone goes through one of the doors to the outside. One of my sons discovered that if he gets the garden hose, turns it on and sprays Karma, Karma will then make a dash for the front door and wait to be let back inside. (We definitely want indoor cats, for their own safety.) Now whenever Karma escapes, all I have to do is yell, "I'm getting the hose!" and he immediately runs to the front steps and sits his butt down to be let inside! Haven't had to turn on the hose in a couple of months now.
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awe... We are blessed with 2 cats and a dog?? Our cats are a father Kink who is a grey,black and brown 6 toed male of3 and close to 8 lbs. Bandit is a 10lb. flabby orange tiger also with 6 toes only he has 6 on all 4 pwas. He is our redneck cat. yep, he got him a daddy uncle!LOL They are as diffent as day and night but when they curl up together it is just the cutes things. As for the other memeber of our pets. Her name is Cocoa. Her paper work says she is a chocolate lab. However she can jump straight up like a bunny but 5 foot straight up and down when she gets excited. My roommate says she's the worlds first labaroo. yep half dog half kangaroo. We think she also has been around the cats too long as she brushes up on people like a cat would. Yep, it's cute for a 6 lb cat to do the but a bit painful for a 60lb. dog! So, that is my crazy little crew.
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We have two dogs. Roxie is a 4 year old Golden Retriever. She thinks everyone is her very best friend and that the world revolves around her. Heidi is a 2 year old St. Bernard. She weighs 20 pounds more than I do so me on the other end of her leash is quite comical at times. I always thought dogs were to much trouble....needing more attention and care. But since I became their mother, I can't imagine NOT having this kind of love in my life! I keep telling my fiance we need to get another St. Bernard!
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Haha, rjsfeminist! That's a really funny story! My kitties love to try to escape too! One day one of them actually did! I was absolutely devastated. I literally went knocking on every door, like every day in a mile radius. In exactly a month to the day, she returned. She was just skin and bones, but at least she was still alive. I was so greatful she came back home, but now that you mention it, I wish I had used the hose as a warning, haha!
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Smile My furry kids

What a great bunch of pets! tjterri63, it is great to have these "kids" in your life. For the first time in 25 years I've got a dog and the first time in my life a puppy. Summer026, I know what it's like to lose a pet. I lost my 18 year old cat last year. I'm very happy your kitten came back. There is such a bond!

I still have a 2 year old cat who sits in the window and "tells off" the birds. He is quite busy with that. He insists on having the window open- summer with air conditioner and winter a bit difficult, but for a bit we accommodate him. He also plays "peek-a-boo" with me. I stand around the corner and say: " I see you!" He then crouches down and jumps up and hugs my legs. He sleeps on my head every night.

I also have a 6 month old Golden-doodle. She is very big- 60 lbs already and 24 inches tall. Like your golden retriever, tjterri63, she feels everyone is her best friend and if she sees someone her tail goes wild. If they pet her she is a happy puppy. If they ignore her she has a shocked look on her face, gives a great big groan and sits-very disappointed.
When outside, especially when there is a bit of wind, she puts her head to the wind, sits like a little statue on our front lawn- people think she is a great big stuffed teddy-bear.
When she plays with smaller dogs, she sits down and plops her great big paw on top of them. I'm teaching her to be gentle. At 6 months old she doesn't know her own strength. With children, she sits and gives a paw continuously until they or their parents hold it.

When we say the word "dog-park", she jumps up and picks up her leash, sits in front of the door and starts to whine- so unless we are prepared to go to the park, we cannot say that word.

My cat and dog are in cahoots with each other. My cat, sits on the counter or table and slowly, but surely pushes things off so that my puppy can chew on it. I've got to be very alert as to what stays out on the tables and counters.

With my puppy, my cat initiates play by jumping on the counter, table or anything higher than my puppy and jumps on her back. That is the start of a chase around the house, which usually ends with the cat jumping on the window sill where the puppy can't reach him and the puppy staring him down for a while.

Now that I have my puppy and my cat, I feel so great. Just to be able to look after them feels so wonderful. They really are my "kids". Can't imagine a life without them.
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