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Wink 48 Hrs. Until LOST Premier

I am one of the few who had never watched Lost until this summer. I was all caught up on the movie new releases that had come out, so I decided to get Disc One, Two, and Three of season one to watch over the weekend. Needless to say, I AM HOOKED. My wife and I finished season one and two over the next few weekends and have been waiting to see what happens in season three. Did the Giant Magnet get destroyed? What happend to Locke & Eko? Who are the Others, and what are they doing there? What is to happen to Jack, Sawyer, and let's not forget, Kate?

Tell me what you like to do... Watch the Episodes as they air, or wait until after the season is over, rent or buy the DVD's, and watch at your convenience?
Thank You,

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I managed to see the beginning of Lost in a Mass Media class I'm taking. I really hadn't seen it until seeing it in class. Now I'm seriously considering picking up the DVDs.
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My husband and I watched the first few shows on television then we started watching them online. On the second season we watched all of them over online and it took us a little over two weeks. Now we are excited and waiting on the next episode. Yes the magnet was destroyed, Juliette made the bomb blow up when she got sucked down the hole. But heres the trippy part after kate and jack along with others got off the island they went back and juliette and sawyer was together. Locke got killed and he was flown back to the island where he became alive again. Also all the people that went back to the island did not all go back into the same time warp zone. hope this is helpful, and o yea jack and kate is together while sawyer is in love with kate.
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