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This is a good resource for anyone who stays home or is planning to.

Everyone has a different reason for staying home with their kids. I stay home because I want my children to have one on one interaction with their parents. We spend a lot of time doing stuff together, even if it's just watching a show together and talking about it. When I'm on the computer their dad is playing with them, when their dad is playing video games I'm with the kids. It works out well. My husband (to be) is a stay at home dad for 6 months of the year. He switched to that job after our son was born. It makes my job much easier for at least half of the year. :>

My biggest at home gripes: not being able to complain about money without someone telling me to 'get a job' and people who assume we're on welfare.
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{{{{{ DrHilieWho }}}}}

Mine are all grown and gone, but I chose to stay home also. Aside from that a couple of part-time jobs, seasonal, for a little extra cash. These were when the kids were in school. The longest I stayed at a job was 8 months as grounds keeper for the townhome complex we lived in. So I was always nearby.

The memories alone are worth any monies the family sacrificed. And now at this age I have more freedom to do what I want... with the knowledge I did my best for my family. Umm you can complain here about the money....
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I am a stay at home mom and I love it. I feel that we our very lucky that I can stay home with my daughter.

I happen to have a close friend who does day care, so about twice a week we go there to spend time with all the kids.

Being home also means I have time to do alot of special things with her that I might not be able to do if I worked full-time.

She starts Pre-school this next fall, which is going to be a good step for the both of us. I may then try to get a part-time job. But, for now I really enjoy staying home with her.
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I'm a stay at home mom as well. It's a blessing to be able to be at home with them. I feel like it was the right decision for us. Mine are older now too, and I think I'd like to get a part time job, just to see some different faces.

My gripe: Never having an adult to talk to. I laugh because when my kids were little, I'd talk to any adult I saw. I was starved for adult interaction. I do think that it's important for your children to have social interraction, but it's equally important for you, as a woman, to have adults to talk to too. Just my 2 cents.
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