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sexually abused.

Hi. Read your question. Well, I have memories but they?re kinda fuzzy. I know my dad used to ask me to do stuff that wasn?t/isn?t appropriate. I know that now. I didn?t then but I knew that I felt very uncomfortable. Is that abuse? Possibly, probably. I know I touched his penis `cos he asked me to! Abuse? I don?t dnow!

Originally posted by Muskrat
I think working TOWARDS increased sexual compatibility has a big effect... but I think that "I cheated because I was bored" is absolute bull crap! If marriage is about for better or for worse, that should apply to sex too! If there is something wrong with the sex, then they need to talk about it and maybe find some way to spice it up!

Can I ask a question too? Has anyone ever recovered memories of being sexually abused as a child? Recently some issues have come up for me, and I sorta have a... feeling. If this is something no one wants to discuss that's ok.

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canfield, If when he asked you to touch his penis and made you feel uncomfortable Yes, that was abuse. Started to write about mine, but need to wait once again. Think it stems from being told what goes on at home stays at home. It will be written about . Perhaps it will help someone else.
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I think talking about abuse of any kind is a beginning to healing from it. I also believe blaming all your life issues on it is pre-mature. There was a period of time when every talk show host had guests claiming sexual abuse ruined their lives, when actually it was probably only one aspect of what might have ruined their lives. Sexual molestation is a sign that other problems exist; it isn't the total problem. Can you survive it and recover from it? Heavens YES! However, you can't do it through message boards and advice from people on the internet. You can become aware that you aren't alone in your troubles, but if you really want to get over it, then a counselor (or maybe two or three) is the way to actually deal with the troubles.
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Hi girls. Well I think sex has a great impact on a relationship. I have been married for 4 years now and sexual tention is one of our main problems. Unfortunately my husband is the type of person you can't really talk to about having problems with sex. He believes that as long as he is satisfied there is no problem. Any ideas????
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muskrat - I was sexually abused as a child. Touched, "played" with and yes, same as csinfield, I to had to touch my fathers penis. This is definitely sexual abuse. I went so far that I have no relationship with my father at all and he knows why
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