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((((((((((((( PBS))))))))))) (((((((((WA)))))))))),
Livi has also been diagnosed with a very low form of autism in conjunction with the ADHD. They are keeping an eye on her for that too. For having autism she is high functioning.

What I became aware of a lot of kids with autism have a food disorder. For instance Livi, can't eat hot dogs, or any type of beans, especially green beans even is they are hidden in other foods she has a reaction to them. Actually that is how they found out Livi's. She not only can't eat them can't touch them it makes her physically ill. Not sure of what others go though other than what I have seen at school when i was working.
I'll bet LiamFan knows more, She's extremely well educated on these matters.

((((((((( Hugs to all who want or need them )))))))
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Kind of like me and eggs, huh?

Sorry to hear about {{{{ Livi }}}}. There is HFA (high functioning autism) and LFA (low functioning). AS is on the spectrum and affects very HF people.
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, a gr8 peer support
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have to interject

i am glad to see all the responses and support. i am an adult female ADHD who SUCCESSFULLY raised a very severe male ADHD. I agree that meds can help, as well as organizing, but let me throw in a few warnings... first changes are ruff for all ADDD's . second, color coding may be helpful, but it can also be distracting, as can a lot of things around a room. visit a childs classroom and if it has a lot of posters or things that can catch the eye, discuss toning the room down. This can be true for home as well. Make sure u have one place that is the same all the time and is away from ALL distractions for homework. Some of us have no probs with math like algebra, u will find that in an ADD if they really like something instead of having less attention they become hyperfocused, and may be hard to pull away from it. When u look to organizing, find several different ways to do it and let the ADD try what they think will work.
As for school, here is another note: be very VERY careful putting an ADD in a special classes, especially in public schools. ADD's are very susceptible especially girls, and if u have another child in that classroom that tends to be disruptive or a bad influence, you may find your child getting much worse. You are better finding a system like sylvan, or a tutor and counsellor that specialize in these kids.
I make a gr8 peer councellor BTW so feel free to ask me ne thing on this one, i have become an expert lol. shari
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