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Exclamation Good Mom Survival Kit

Hello mothers. My Name is Jen and Im a mother of two sweet little girls. Evidently, the father of the children is not around any longer and I struggle to work 2 jobs to be a good mother. Sometime however i feel as if i just dont do much for them like buying them gifts and new clothes as often. My schedule permits me to only shop online, so these days I've been trying to buy them a lot more necessary stuff. Does anyone else here have these similar thoughts and situations? I've been searching for sites to really save some money and still provide for my girls. Ive found this one site called Ebates.com that gives away cash for purchasing at their online stores like Walmart, Target and Gap. Its a pretty good deal. does anyone else here know of any other good sites like Ebates.com or have anyone else have any thoughts?
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That is a great site! You are going in the right direction. You should use the MoMoney Maker on there bc it makes it easier to find ebate affiliated sites. That's all. Good Luck!!
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Let the sunshine in!
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I grew up in a very small community far from the big city. Due to this, I didn't have a lot of exposure to the city, which intensified my naivity to the city and what is around. Although, the idea of saving money is excellent and everyone is trying to do this in their own way....it is important that your children also have some exposure so that their ideas of the world are not unrealistic later on. Sunshine
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Red face Seeking Child Psychologist

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a single parent who has physical custody of my minor child who is three years of age. The biological father has left this area and moved to Georgia since my child was only 1 year of age. Since he has moved and prior to his moving, he was not an active part of my son's life. Due to a tremendous financial burden, I contacted the Child Support Enforcement Agency to seek support for my son, since Feb. 2001, prior to the biological father moving from this area. However, since I was granted child support, he requested to see my son. I allowed these visits since I do believe that he should see his child as long as I'm given proper notice. Since there were problems with him being consistent and saying he would show up and then he doesn?t accompanied by my child's behavior towards his biological father, which clearly shows no bonding going on there, we went to court - per his request and mine to seek a visitation schedule. The courts then ordered that he make a visit up here at least once a month as well as 5 spread out week long visits in which we'll meet in Greensboro, NC for the exchange ? per my request. However, he has not made any of his monthly visits which was court ordered and have only made 3 of the week long visits where I had to bare the burden of the expense by making these trips just so he can visit with his son. The problem I'm having is that my child is horrified by these visits so far away from his home that he is acting out at every exchange because the biological father hasn't been consistent with his visits to make the bonding occur between the two. The biological father also works at least 5 days from 10AM - 9 PM during the week long periods that he has the child in which no bonding is still occurring. I've been told to video tape these exchanges to show to a child psychologist for advice on this matter. Therefore, I am seeking a child psychologist who is willing to review these tapes immediately and give professional insight of what can be done to ensure that my 3 year old don't have to undergo this type of torture. I am do back in court again on the 9th of January for these concerns. Thanks in advance if you can help or just for taking your time to pass this on to someone who can further assist in this matter!
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Just out of curiousity, who gave you that bit of advice to get the video tapes reviewed and what is it meant to accomplish?

I think it's more worthwhile to find a therapist in your area to see your son on a regular basis, to help him understand his feelings and understand what is happening with his Mom and Dad. Granted he's only 3, but in my opinion, working with your son to help him cope with the situation will accomplish a lot more than looking at video tapes of him not coping with the situation.
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(((((((((((((TAMMY))))))))))))) Hi GreatMom I couldn't agree with Tammy more. In some states it is illegal to video tape, record, or use any electronic devices to record one's private activity with out prior knowledge of all parties included. Great Mom being a single mom is hard work. It is very confusing to a child when parents seperate. In my honest opinion if the judge wants to know how the child is adjusting to the visitation the judge will ask for a child psychologist to evaluate what is going on. The child psychologist won't need to see those tapes you might have gathered illegally.
Now as a mom speaking. I am a single parent and have been seperated from my son's dad since he was 2 years old. The man my son calls dad has continued the visiting my son even though he has no biological connection. I encouraged the bonding process in the begining and still encourage it. Part of your son's behavior could be because of yuor behavior. It sounds like you are very resentful of having to make all the effort for your son to see his father. I would suggest you and your son's father sit down and figure out a way for the visitation to go over more smoothly. In my opinion every child deserves the right to know both parents. If my son's biological father was to walk back into his life today I would encourage that bond but I wouldn't break the bond he has with the man he calls dad.
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