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Old August 7th, 2002, 02:00 PM   #1
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Red face Grandparents rights in the era of the "X-generation"

There are many of us grandparents (products of the "baby boomer" generation who raised our children in the spirit of "freedom and peace") who are now called upon to "raise" the children of our children because they have no concept of what being "grown up" really is. Anyone else out there having that problem?
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Wink Just to let you know

That is what was happening to a point in my parent's home. That was when one of the daughter's, who had kids, had to move back in (temporarily) til we could get on our feet. I only asked for help when I was sick or working. I didn't want my parents raising my kids. I felt that was my job. Yet. I see everywhere that is what is going on. I think that most of these people while all good intentions was to raise them differently from what and how we were done by our parents made them think that it was ok to drop the kids off mom's and dad's then go and do our own thing. That isnt right. If you have a child I can understand needing support, that is fine yet abusing it isn't. That makes things get real hectic not only for the adults involved but what about the kids? They aren't old enough sometimes to understand and their foundations are being rocked like in a storm at sea. I dont care what the adults do as long as it doesnt affect the children and when it does and I see it, I will open my mouth, very big and loud, and let others know what they are doing to their beloved child. I already have done this with good intentions and so far things are working out for the child and parents. Being a kid is hard just like being a parent but that is why you are older and assumably more experienced before you have kids. If you have a child make sure you know what you are getting into. If you cant deal with that then look into alternatives. Whatever you do dont punish the child for what you did previously. As well, if you are a single parent, reach out to others and do a trade for babysitting and etc with other parents. That way being a parent isnt hard nor hard on the child or children involved and everyone benefits from it. Have a great day!
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