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Where are the female figures in kids books?

Just a quick observation i read to my daughter each day and the majority of the books are filled with male characters, unless there is a victim in the plot. All of the heros or 'fixers' in the stories are male. This is not limited to books either. I get to the point where i end up reading 'she' instead of 'he' as at 3 years of age she can't read. The dissapointing thing to me is that I know the books are out there with strong female characters but I rely on the local library due to finances. I get incredibly frustrated.

Another thing i find frustrating is that if she sees an animal it inevitably is a 'he', i try to correct her and say that unless you know what it is you should say 'it'.

Do these things irritate anyone else or is it just me. I sometimes bring it up with friends and get odd looks, but i believe much can change starting with the way in which we use our language.
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I would ask you librarian for help in finding books with female heroines. They are out there! As for animals... hmm...well.. my feeling is that it is hard for a 3 year old to comprehend IT... so if you see a bunny and she says... he... how about... "the bunny" instead? he...she... at that age, the reading to her is the important thing. Just my opinion
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She may enjoy Pippi Longstocking books. When Pirate was young I was constantly looking for books where a female was an equal partner of the male.

She is probably too young for Pippi. Maybe Madeline books would be more age appropriate. The children's librarian should know a few titles.
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kathe nichols
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The two I remember are <u>Princess Smartypants</u> (I think.. the princess doesn't want to get married so she makes each prince do a task that plays to his weaknesses, until the right one comes along who can handle her as she is) and <u>The Paper Bag Princess</u>. Don't remember the author of either, though. Later on, there's The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, where the princess lives with a dragon by choice.
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