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I have 2 bunnies. I got Brandi first, she's a chocolate and white dutch bunny. When we got her, she weighed in at a hefty 13 ounces.. now she's full grown at 4.5 pounds.

My second bunny is Schnappes.. the one in my gif right now. She's a full size Holland Lop.. she was 16 ounces when we got her and at her last vet appointment, she was half grown at 9 pounds.

When I got Brandi, I did it reeeeeally wrong. I had NO IDEA what kinda maintenance bunnies require. All I really knew was that she was cute and sweet and I just couldn't not have her.

Boy was I suprised to find out it ain't just pellet and water in nice lil cage. They need tons of attention and they need lots of "chew-proof" room to run around. I also didn't know that bunnies have a 7-10 year lifespan.

Now, it's April and Easter is coming up.. and I see pet stores full of bunnies and little kids begging.. and my heart breaks for the bunnies. Like any other pet you ever get, they're a huge responsibility and a huge committment.. they're not toys and they're not a "starter pet" for kids.

So, with Easter coming up and all those cute bunnies in the pet stores.. please, please, PLEASE don't buy one "for Easter".. take the time and research what bunnies need and make an informed decision. The House Rabbit Society - http://www.rabbit.org - has tons of information.

In my case, my first decision wasn't informed and it could have been a disaster. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. When we added Schnappes to our family, I was much more informed and much more thoughtful about it.
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<CENTER><FONT SIZE="+2">Easter Bunny</FONT><BR>
by Mary Brandolino<BR>
<I>In memory of all the bunnies we couldn't save.</I><P>I remember Easter Sunday<BR>It was colorful and fun<BR>The new life that I'd begun<BR>In my new cage.<P>I was just a little thing<BR>When they brought me from the store<BR>And they put me on the floor<BR>In my cage.<P>They would take me out to play<BR>Love and pet me all the time<BR>Then at day's end I would climb<BR>In my cage.<P>But as days and weeks went by<BR>I saw less of them it seemed<BR>Of their loving touch I dreamed<BR>In my cage.<P>In the night outside their house<BR>I felt sad and so neglected<BR>Often scared and unprotected<BR>In my cage.
<P>In the dry or rainy weather<BR>Sometimes hotter sometimes colder<BR>I just sat there growing older<BR>In my cage.<P>The cat and dog raced by me<BR>Playing with each other only<BR>While I sat there feeling lonely<BR>In my cage.<P>Upon the fresh green grass<BR>Children skipped and laughed all day<BR>I could only watch them play<BR>From my cage.<P>They used to take me out<BR>And let me scamper in the sun<BR>I no longer get to run<BR>In my cage.<P>Once a cute and cuddly bunny<BR>Like a little ball of cotton<BR>Now I'm grown up and forgotten<BR>In my cage.<P>I don't know what went wrong<BR>At the home I did inhabit<BR>I just grew to be a rabbit<BR>In my cage.<P>But they've brought me to the pound<BR>I was once loved and enjoyed<BR>Now I wait to be destroyed<BR>In my cage.</CENTER>
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Thank you, Tammy! That applies to all animals of course, but how chicks and bunnies must dread the Easter season?

Beanie bunnies are cute and so much easier to care for. Many of us can just enjoy your gif. I love that bunny!
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And may I suggest that AFTER MUCH RESEARCH anyone wishing to adopt a loving bunnie (or any other pet, of course) consider adopting a homeless/rescued friend rather than purchasing them from a breeder or pet store. Your local Humane Society can help; you can visit a PetsMart during a rescue group's visit; or you can visit a website like www.PetFinder.org where you will find many pets looking for new homes.
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www.petfinder.org is a great site!

That is where we found Mikey. Mikey is a 5 yr old Miniature Pinscher that we adopted about 6 months ago. He was registered with a shelter organization that features their pets on this site.

The nice thing about this site is that you enter your state/province, zip or postal code, and they bring up all the animals near you!

Great suggestion MommaD, and hi btw!
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Awesome!!!!!!!!! Two of ours were tossed out as kittins on our curve. Our dog was abused and passed around for a year before being given to me out of the blue. Adopting is pretty awesome.... no matter where you adopt from. You save a life.
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We have a bunny... her name is Oreo! She lives in one of those huge fishtanks (the kind that take up the whole length of the wall) when she isn't out in her "bunny run" that we created for her in our computer room. We made her this play area that includes boxes to chew on... LOTS OF ROOM to run...a litter box, and this weekend, we bought her a ball with a jingle thing in it and a carrot that sounds like a rattle. Oh My Gosh...she is having the best time with those!!! We went to PetCo and they have an amazing amount of "bunny" stuff. I've been wanting to get her some toys for a while, but never did and when we went to get more bedding, I happened across that aisle and poof..plopped down $20 for our bunny's amusement! (More like ours!) She is the best to watch!!!! LOL!

Anyway... I agree with ya Tammy - They are ALOT of work! but in our family, Oreo is worth it.
"Life is a flower of which love is the honey." Victor Hugo
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