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Selling or Leasing?

Hey everyone! My name is Mary and I am new to the forums here so I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I work for HGTV and I becoming very interested in real estate and home improvment. I currently own a townhouse in the LA area of California, but I am thinking of leasing it and buying a small house around the same area. Is it true that townhouse values kinda decrease after a certain dollar point as opposed to houses? What do you guys think I should do??? Should I lease out the townhouse or just sell it asap?? Thanks for the help!
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I'm tempted to say, "Sell it already!"

Welcome, Mary!
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Ditto (*(*(*( Liam )*)*)*)
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Hi Mary,
Welcome to WOW.

I agree with ((((( LiamFan, and DACDJr)))).
Sell it get the money to put down on a smaller place. Even have money to buy new furniture if you so desire.

If you hold on to it via leasing/renting it's still your headache, should something go wrong. Ex plumbling, electric, whatever.

Go on start anew.
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