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Exclamation potty training

hi.....i need help potty training my youngest daughter....she will be 2 in june....my first daughter was easy, she seemed to have no problem transitioning to panties, but my youngest is another story....she doesn't even like to sit on the potty and i think she thinks of it as more of a game.....any suggestions???
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i'm thinking she's just not ready. sometimes kids don't train until they are three or so. My son was a "late" bloomer like that...when he was ready to do it, it was very easy. I wouldn't force it, just keep trying it every now and again to see if her attiude changes towards it. You might find some books at your local libraray about potty training, that was helpful for us - for them to hear stories about other little kids potty training.

good luck, it can be frustrating, so remember... keep your cool and keep trying.
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I bribed my oldest granddaughter. Told her if she went "potty" nana & papa would get her a new barbie doll That worked at the time. She was about 2.
Good luck. don't force. As PBS said each kid is different when it comes to training. My youngest granddaughter trained herself .. really ... Miss Independant.
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((((candi))))) I have a funny story for you!

My daughter was about 1 1/2 when she showed interest in following me to the bathroom to go pee. So I did what any mother would do I bought a potty and she took to it right away. Well until.... she one day sat down on the potty and had to poop she sat there and did the job. I was like getting ready to praise her and she got up turned around and looked at it and ran from the room screaming. It scared her to death!

Needless to say it took me until she was almost 4 to get her to be potty trained and it was not easy. What got her to finally do it was I made her a calendar off my printmaster cd with pictures at the top and her name. At the bottom across the page were all the days and going down the page were intervals of 2 hours. If she went we would put a sticker on the hour per each day. At the end of the week we would make a new one together and we would have a little cake or cookies as a job well done party.

So as Irish and PBS said be patient but you can also be creative, so put on your idea cap and do what works best for you and yours! Good luck and keep a chin up
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I have a son, I am not sure if it will help at all here, but I couldn't get him to potty train at all at home. I finally gave up and didn't push it as much, just every now and then. I would put him in the training pants and make suggestions but he just laughed at me. I went to the store one day and bought him some big boy underwear and put them on over the training pants. We went to a restraunt and he said he had to potty. I was excited and took him to the potty. He got up there and sat down to pee and then got up smiling. He said no wet big boy wear!
Still, him being a boy may have a difference on your opinion here, but I couldn't think of anything else.
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My son was a breeze to potty train- I can't even say that I did anything, he just decided that he didn't want to wear diapers like his newborn sister and put on the big boy undies. Now when my daughter got to the age of potty training she wanted nothing to do with it at all no matter what I tried to bribe her with. She was (and still is) strong willed and would only do it when she was ready which turned out to be just shy of her fourth birtday (UGH). One day she went to the potty on her own and came running out to tell me that she did it as if we had never even attempted it before so when it was her own "idea" it worked. Try not to push too much 2 years old is still young and I promise she won't go to first grade wearing diapers.

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