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Originally Posted by DACDjr View Post
(((( Everyone ))))

I am stumped here!!

I have 5 wondering rose bushes, and I am not sure if I am supposed to trim them back this fall, or do I just leave them alone? I know you can transplant in the fall, but not sure on the trimming them back part. Any information will be great

smiley here from australia, we call fall ,autumn in aussy land, we prune our roses both standard, bush and climbers in august or september which is our early spring and then just trim them again in early autumn and that usually keeps flowers on for most of the year, depends upon the seasons I guess, keep smiling
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trim the roses in early spring and a light deadheading in Autumn or as americans say Fall and you should have blooms all year long, best of luck, nothing will kill a rosebush so don,t be frightened to trim them at most times except winter smiley, keep smiling
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Old June 6th, 2009, 08:13 PM   #168
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Okay, I recently planted a bunch of tomato seeds in flower pots. Looks like I'm going end up with a zillion tomatoes. Yum.
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I WANT SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't get to my patio right now...so I didn't plant veggies in pots this year... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
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I tried my luck with the tomatoes at well. We will see how that goes but I'm dreaming of making my own ketchup.
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My hubby does a big veggie garden. Altough I miss having a nice flower garden. I had a real pretty one when I lived down south.Maybe this year I can get aroud to planting a nice one.
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Well...it's March and I'm so excited!...I can smell spring in the air...it was 62 degrees today...and beautiful!....I can't wait to go to the open market where you can buy everything fresh....esspecially flowers...shrubs,trees,fruit, vegetables,....you name it they pretty much have it....this year I plan to put out sod in my front yard....in May....I want my grass to look like green carpet.....I'm going to put out some Rose bushes, a few more Hydrangias the ones with the large white blooms..... Day Lilies and Canas with the larger blooms,the Canas are cheaper in bulk I've noticed....individually they can be expensive.......anyways....I'm ready!....
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