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I'm in love with a man that isnt my husband!

I have been married for 5 years. I got married way young. I have a daughter and a son. I meet the man I have fallen in love with through friends of my husband. My husband would take me to these parties so he can hangout with his friends and leave me alone and then this someone started talking to me. We spent a lot of time together. Got to know eachother. We became friends until he declared his love for me at that moment I decided to move the first chance i got. We moved to Florida. He kept sending me emails, text messages, and he called me. I told him that I dont want to talk to him anymore. About 2 weeks after that me and my husband sepertated. My husband wanted to leave me cause he felt that we were drifting apart. So i called that guy and chatted with him everyday for 3 months. My husband and me were still talking things through and decided that it would be best if we move bck to AZ. That same day we moved back I stayed with my friend at her place. She lived with her roommates and well I didnt know that the guy I had fallen in love with was living there too. I went to a party with my friend, he is there and so was my husband. I stay on the balcony and my husband goes inside and that someone comes up behind me and starts kissing my neck. He puts his arms around me then I turn around and told him that it wasnt the right moment. I go inside and my husband grabs me and starts kissing me. I push him off and run outside. He follows but so did that someone. They start arguing about who I am with. I told my husband that we are still married but seperated and I wanted to work things out but he was the one that pushed me to divorce. I told that someone that I love my husband and that I dont want to be in a relatioship at the moment. Me and my husband are going to couseling and working on us. I still keep in touch with this someone. I find myself thinking of him a lot and missing him. I dont know what to do. I know that I love him and I realize it now. Am I wrong for feeling like this?
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