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hub out of work

Here i thought i was holding up pretty well but i guess i'm not..My hubsand hads been out of steady work for 4 yrs now and i can't handle it any more.. He was fired from a very good job at a retirement community for something he knew he wasn't to be doing and keep doing it any way recycling.. He went to truck driving school costing us 3 grand and that didn't work (stuck with that bill) He goes on plenty of interviews ( know there are lots of out of work people) but its getting to the point he won't even apply for a job any more... i'm the only one working and plan on retiring this Dec and don't see any way of doing that know.. I wish hub would find something to do beside sit all day and help me here at home>i'm finding myself not wanting to come home at all most days... just a few words of pick me up. things will get better i HOPE .
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Wow, what a tough place to be in, marcia. It's rough enough when someone is out there trying to find work, but when he or she isn't trying, it makes it that much more difficult for those around them. I'm guessing he's probably somewhat depressed about not finding anything when he was out looking.

Do you know of any place that's hiring where he might be able to find something suitable?

Hope things start to pick up for you...
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It's hard for you, I can imagine but for him not getting a job is definitely depressing. Maybe you've to try to talk to him and tackle the situation together. I hope the best for you.
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