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Question Married and in love with my lesbian best friend

I have a best friend since we were 18/17 and always knew we were more but chose never to fully act upon it. We went our separate ways about seven years ago and lost contact for a few years. I am now married to my husband of five years with two boys and earlier this year my best friend and I stepped way over the line. Since then I told my husband he was upset but was ok with it. She moved in with us (she was in TN and we are in TX) since then we've had a threesome once with my husband. That was soon after she moved down early in the summer. Since then her and I have had many relationships with each other when he isn't around. She is super close with my family, she is the adopted daughter. Recently I have realized I am bi-sexual and totally in love with her and can't live without her. I told my husband last night and he was so/so ok with it I explained that he would have to be the one to divorce me but I am in love with them both. In reality I'm not in love with him I Just love him but I want this family thing to work. He is ok with us as long as I still give him the attention he needs and we aren't confusing our children. He is fully aware if anything were to happen between him and I she is the only person I want to be with. So I want comments, ppl that understand in similar situations.... advice. I love my husband but I will not lose my best friend. She is my soul mate not him we just are married with children and I want us all to be a family together. ???
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