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Smile I know that feeling.

I moved to new mexico to live with my wife. I got married there. I have asthma, but before this I lived in New York City. When I lived in New Mexico I kept getting asthma every day. Too much bronchial spasms. I lived there for a year and a half. My blood pressure was high when I went to see my doctor out here too. I came back to new york all winded. On top of that I got so bloated. I couldn't sweat. I went from size 38 pants to size 42 in a year and 6 months. I came back in a hurry and now I'm releasing all that water. I felt like I weigh 400 pounds. My doctor told me that if my blood and swelliing didn't leave my body that he was going to give me water pills. My blood pressure went up to 150. Before I left it was 118. So something went wrong along the way. I never belonged in New Mexico. I belong in New York City. I was born in puerto rico, but I will not live in puerto rico either. I have learned my lesson not to look for places to live anymore. This is my home. There are a few things that I didn't like about it before, but I will learn to deal with it as much as I can.
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Red face Pennsylvania

LOL, it seems other than Philly, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Harrisburg, (maybe Erie?) the rest of Pennsylvania is made up of very tiny towns, STARTING OVER, doesn't it? And, some of the very tiny little burgs I have found around my area, many people are prejudiced to anyone and anything different from what they are.
I have just made an extreme move, from 29 yrs in same house in suburbs, to country/woods (and I do mean woods LOL)!!! I
love it here but I do not think I would have been happy here ten yrs ago cuz back then, all thru my forties, all I did was RUN RUN RUN ... I found a neat quote I kinda adopted for myself. My situation is rather unique so this quote really is ME. Lacie
"I live now; I lost everything I didn't need; I found everything I ever wanted. Village of __________ 11/25/08 - 4:36 PM"
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I don't really feel at home here.

I love the country & I moved to the edge of a city to be with my partner.

My favourite place is the farm where my grandparents lives, in the Isle of Wight, UK. Beautiful quiet countryside & wildlife.

I love being by the sea like where I grew up, or in forests. I'd love to live in a wooden house in a forest.

Just a dream, sigh.
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at home

I don't feel at home here really.

I love to be in the country, and I moved to the edge of a city to be with my partner. I felt most at home in the old stone farmhouse on the Isle Of Wight where my grandparents lived. So much silence, so much wildlife.

Luckily I can drive out to the forest quite easily, but then I have to come back.

Being in a forest or by the sea, like where I grew up, feels so energizing to me.

My ideal would be to live in a wood house in a forest, with neighbours who understood there is more to life than the 9 to 5.

Just a dream...
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Thanks a lot for keep great sharing..........
I will be try to looking forward to the other posts...
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