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The Curmudgeon Speaks

Why is this wench on the Web?

My Compuhistory

Who is this broad?

Suthern Speak

Random Neuron Firings


If you are using AOL, seriously consider getting a real Internet account. There is no sense paying $2.95 an hour for inferior service when you could have unlimited hours on the Web for $19.95 a month. This site is Netscape enhanced, and will look like crap on AOL's browser.

I am an avid flyfisherwoman, but could not think of a clever segue to this particular fish, the likes of which never hit any of my popping bugs in Lake Lanier.

What if, just once, somebody said "This page is not under construction. I am finished, through, over it, finis?"

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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