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SkyeWOW October 22nd, 2001 09:09 PM

<font face="chiller" color=orange size=9>WOW-Lo-Ween</font>

<font face="chiller" color=#339933 size=5>where ghouls and goblins abound.....

By pumpkins fat and witches lean........
By coal black cats with eyes of green...
By all the magic ever seen............
I wish you luck this HALLOWEEN.......</font>

pennylynne October 23rd, 2001 10:26 PM

((((Skye)))) whooohoooo a party...are we gonna tell ghost stories too? I sure do hope so wweeeeoooooo See ya Thursday

SkyeWOW October 23rd, 2001 10:42 PM

((((penny)))) of course! btw..Misty is looking for you, we have a question<g>

LiamFan! October 24th, 2001 08:49 AM

Look no further, Misty. She's right here.

SkyeWOW October 26th, 2001 06:22 AM

Happy Haunting!

((((everyone)))) The game lasts until next Wednesday at midnight. If you're experiencing a few problems,ie: goblins not wanting to recognize you, we'll work them out as soon as we can. In the mean time, have fun, enjoy the <s>haunting</s> hunting and let the BEST goblin hunter win!

Terri October 26th, 2001 08:14 AM

I tried clicking on the goblin at the link mentioned above and on goblins I found on the boards but it just says that it was unable to detect I came from a page containing a goblin and for me to try again. Am I doing something wrong?

Lou October 26th, 2001 09:27 AM

<sniffle> This brings back yolky memories of the Great Easter Egg Hunts. Thanks ((((Skye)))) You are <s>ghoul</s> cool! :D

Terri October 26th, 2001 09:41 AM

We were not able to detect that you came from a page containing a loose goblin. Please try again

This is the message I get each time, I'm still not asked for my nickname or my email..WHINEeeee
I wanna play

TammyWOW October 26th, 2001 10:50 AM

You know what I love about the geekish toys that run these games? You can test them till you're blue but not one of the little quirks show up until you fling it out there for a whole bunch of people :heh:

{{{{Terri}}}} I'm taking a guess here based on something I noticed.. if *none* of the goblins are working for you, look in your address bar of your browser and see if your URL says http://wowwomen.com/blah/blah <g> or http://<B>www</B>.wowwomen.com/blah/blah If your www is missing, slip it back in there and you'll have better luck.

I'll be popping a fix in for that glitch in the wee hours of the morning, as well as fixing a few goblins that seem to be too slippery to catch :o

{{{{Lou}}}}} :hi:

WahmWOW October 26th, 2001 12:09 PM

WoooHooo! I LOVE Halloween, witches aren't too bad either. ;) Sorry I missed the party but I'm glad I didn't miss all the fun.

SkyeWOW October 26th, 2001 12:27 PM

((((Lou)))) havin' fun?<g>

((((Wahm)))) I'm sorry you missed the party also, we had a ball!

((((Terri)))) don't give up! I'm sure TechoTammy will have things fixed in no time at all:D

SkyeWOW October 26th, 2001 12:38 PM

In case everyone is wonderin':D

For the guests we have a really close race with maryh having captured 141 goblins!

antiana is a close second with 138 of those ghouls!

For our hosts, AirWOW has a whopping 144 with Cheetah chasing her down with 143!

With 6 days left, will anyone be able to capture ALL the goblins flying around here?

Oooooooooh, and I hear it said CandleWOW was recaptured and put back in Willameana's cauldron:(

I see FrightAttendant is around this year again. Beware, she has a nasty temper and you really don't wanna fool around with her! I have it on good authority that WitchesBrew has tried for a year to capture that creature to make her brew just about perfect!

((((everyone)))) Who'll be in the lead tonight? Details at 11!

CandleWOW October 26th, 2001 07:25 PM

I've escaped again and am on the trail hunting them down!!
So far, I've got 44 of the little ghoulies!!
Warning: Don't get thrown into that cauldron...you come out with the cold/flu thingy. Yep....I'm sick now. :(

Wooohoooo to all the roomies and WOW's who are on the hunt! Best of luck!!

SkyeWOW October 27th, 2001 05:15 AM

Lou and ChallengeWOW Take the Lead!!!!!
Oh my goodness!! In an unprecidented move, <b>Lou</b> has overtaken <b>maryh</b> in her bid to capture all the lurking goblins that invaded WOW on Thursday night. Lou has successfully captured 142 of those <s>creeps</s> creatures to maryh's 141. <b>antiana(140)</b> is still on the move with <b>Liamfan!(132)</b> right behind her in their desire to reign as true hunters!

On the journey for the Host Title, <b>ChallengeWOW</b> takes the lead from <b>AirWOW</b> with 147 to Air's 145..but look out, <b>Cheeta(143)</b> and <b>CandleWOW(140)</b>( who looks to have escaped from Willameana's cauldron again ), is movin' on up in the polls!

It's hard to call a race so close! Who will emerge victorius as the <font color="orange">Crowned Goblin Hunters</font>? Will anyone be able to successfully round-up all those hidden <s>beasts</s> ghouls? Stay tuned as more news developes around this exciting and haunting chain of events.

Minty_Femme October 27th, 2001 08:20 AM

:( :cussing: WAAAA stupid game I can't get signed in to play. I done eveything you said and still it don't work:( Oh well I guess I'll continue haunting WS and LS.

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