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PoohsBigSister May 18th, 2008 08:00 PM

when it rains... it depends on where my life is at Irish... if I'm in a good place in my life at the moment..then I might veg out..but if I'm restless and worried..i CLEAN. i think right now..if it were rainy..i'd be wrapped in a blanket on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book! :)

so, that being said... when it storms do you watch it, or hide from it..?? :)

crazymomma May 20th, 2008 07:25 PM

Oh, I love to watch it. A warm summer rain is nice to walk in but as long as I'm dry, I'm happy.
Follow the rainbow or just look at it?

PoohsBigSister May 20th, 2008 10:59 PM

look at it... in awe! :) we had a double rainbow here last summer that was SOOO pretty! :) i love when they are kinda framing something like the mountains. :)

do you drink bottled water or water from the tap?

IRISH_EYES_99 May 21st, 2008 03:35 PM

Bottled water, and I love rainbows especially the double ones. How very cool they are. Wonder if it's a double pot of gold at the end. :D Once got an email that showed the rainbow ending over a porta potty .. how comical. :D

Do you wish unpon a star at night? ... ;) sings"....... Star light, star bright first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight!! " Wish you all a ton of happiness in your lives.

PoohsBigSister May 21st, 2008 04:57 PM

LOL!! Why...yes...actually I DO!! :) I have several rituals like that... soo.. every time I get into my car i say... please let me arrive safely and without incident..amen. and... when I look at clouds in the sky... if I see a face, I say a prayer that all will be well...somehow to me it indicates a bad omen...

sooo...do ya'll have rituals or do ya think I"m crazy? :)

crazymomma May 22nd, 2008 09:02 AM

Nope, I'm the same way. I pray when I get in the car and I wish on the first star. When there is a birthday at our house we and 1 extra candle to make a wish on.
Birthday parties for the kids each year or only on important ones? Like when they turn into a teen, 16 years old, ect.:bdaygrin:

PoohsBigSister May 22nd, 2008 10:13 AM

i used to have one every year for them...but when they went into middle school..neither one really wanted to do the party thing every year anymore..sooo ... we stopped. My DD didn't want a sweet 16 party !! her birthday is close to christmas and I think she was afraid no one would be able to come... sooo... i told her we'd have a 16 1/2 party this summer. :) she liked that idea. :) so... i'm saying every year when they are younger..and then...when they feel like it?! :)

do you have a family calendar or try to keep track in your head??

IRISH_EYES_99 May 22nd, 2008 05:36 PM

Up until this year I was able to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and phone numbers. Alas the brain doesn't allow me to connect that way.. so I try writing down those I remember. What helps at times is people that have the same date birthday. Like my brother's youngest daughter and SkyeWOW actually share the same birthday.. Ops my secret is out. :). So if your birthday comes up, and I don't acknowledge it. It's definately me & not you. Hope you have or had a great one.:boquet::boquet:

We always do the extra candle for good measure. Bless my mother's soul she was my rock. Always believed in celebrating your birthday. In fact she would celebrate our's and then do something nice for herself! Why? After all she's the mom.. why not. If she didn't give birth we couldn't celebrate. ... Loved her thinking. :):boquet::boquet::clap::clap:

We didn't get big gifts it was the small ones that counted. It was the cake and soda along with all the good wishes.

Have to tell you this it's funny 2.// I was not feeling well for a few weeks ( broncitis ~ complications along the way.) My best friend called . They live 2 hrs away via car.. she wanted to send her hubby over with a bottle of orange soda & coloring books~ crayons. & a pint of Vanilla ice cream. She remembered my mom doing that whenever her or one of her siblings were sick.. mom would send us over with that stuff to make them feel better. To bad people don't take the time today. What a nicer world it would be.

Oh my "Rambling" should be part of my nic:cantfocus:cantfocus:cantfocus!!!

Anywhoooo!! :D Do you have a sweet/ bittersweet memory to share?

rjsfeminist May 24th, 2008 04:57 PM

Oooh, that was sweet of your friend, Irish. (Was the illness recent? If so, hope you're feeling better...)

Good memory/story: My late SO and I loved the holidays, but, since he was a quiet sort, holidays were a more low-key than they are for some. However, for our first 5 or 6 4th of Julys, we did go to see the local fireworks with my younger two. The very first 4th, we went to where the display was scheduled. The city of St. Pete even had bands playing and local food vendors out. But the fireworks got rained out (they were re-done the following weekend, but w/o the food and music; we did see the fireworks then). In the meantime, before the city officially announced they'd postpone the fireworks, SO and I stood outside under a tree (obviously!), in the pouring rain, eating $5/paper plate barbecued ribs like we had some kind of sense. Best. Fourth. Ever.

So, do you do anything special for the "smaller" holidays (like Memorial Day/Labor Day) or do you save your celebrating for the "bigger" ones?

PoohsBigSister May 24th, 2008 07:05 PM

hmm... we save it for the bigger ones I guess. Although the fourth is one of my fav. holidays..and I love going to the park and partaking of the local flavors.. :) and then we stay and listen to the band and watch the fireworks. :) i don't camp and i think lots of people start and end the summer with a camping trip on memorial day and labor day.

So...do you camp or no???

IRISH_EYES_99 May 24th, 2008 09:38 PM

Oh my haven't camped in eons. The time we cheated as our friends had a camper. :D We did cookout on the campfire, but breakfast was in the camper.

We try and celebrate ( or should say I :) ) a little of all the holidays. Love watching the fireworks. Love going to bbqs. Haven't been to a bbq in over a yr.

Haven't been to a parade since we moved down here. Well except the Disney Parade of Lights <weg> . :cackle: That in itself is awesome.

Growing up we celebrated every chance we got.

You know the kids miss out today. We need to bring back doll carriage and decorate for the 4th of July. then let the winners ride on a float in the parade.. sounds good to me.. Not just the doll carriages, but bikes, and other ride toys. Let them dress up and participate.

All in favor of letting kids be kids again... say yea! and lets bring back fun. .... :D

PoohsBigSister May 25th, 2008 02:32 PM

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm there Irish!!!

Kids today DO miss out on alot of stuff! When i was a kid..we played outside ALL DAY LONG ... today..you don't see many kids playing outside. It's a different world for sure! :(

Ok..so here's my question today... Hide and Seek or Tag??? :)

rjsfeminist May 25th, 2008 05:47 PM

TAG!!! (You're it!)

As a kid, which did you prefer: Candyland or Shoots and Ladders?

PoohsBigSister May 25th, 2008 06:10 PM

Candyland all the way!!! LOL! :)

Monopoly or Sorry? ;)

IRISH_EYES_99 May 25th, 2008 08:20 PM

Sorry! Monopoly when I got older and could sit still longer. :)
/me Tag.. You're . Pass it on .. no tagging back :D

Red Light / Red Rover ?? = 1, 2, 3 Red Light... or Red Rover Red Rover send that person over?? ( just so no confusion <weg> ) Runs like crazy to another folder.:D

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