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Magnetized TV Screen

Our TV screen was magnetized by the new Jackie Chan toys from Wendys. Fairly simple to fix, but we're waiting to see exactly which way will work. There are several options at this point.

Our TV is 6 yrs old so it could have a demagnetizing function built in. You have to turn the tv on and off a few times to get the magnetization to go away BUT the trick is to let the tv cool down after you turn it off each time.

If this doesn't work we can buy a degaussing coil (from $20-$40). They are generally only available at electrician supply stores. Or you can order on online

For people who would rather get it over with quickly and the on/off bit doesn't work, calling a tv repair shop will probably be your best bet. It costs $30-$50.

Also, this isn't an option for us, but some monitors have a demagnetize function set by a button. You can put your tv in front of your monitor and run the demagnetizing feature and it will fix your tv screen.

Of course, I'm neither a doctor of people or appliances, so you might want to get the opinion of an expert before trying any of these things.
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