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The point about "ess" has been a long time coming and really should be addressed more. It is demeaning to women, absolutely. The "ess" means the it is just the female version of a man's something and therefore less significant. In my opinion, it should never be used. Even in sports, they have the Professional Golfer's Association (PGA) and this is open only to men. For females they have the Ladies Professional Golfer's Association (LPGA). If we had true equality of the sexes, there would be the Men's Professional Golfer's Association for males. This is just an example, there are many other such subtle things that indicate that the role the women play is of less importance that the men's role. Girls, we should really run with this one and everytime we hear someone use the "ess" word, call them on it, ask them what in fact they mean, get people used to the idea that we, as women, take offence of it. Most women even need to be educated on this, as most times it is just used from habit and not from an intent. Thanks for introducing this.
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