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Are you a dog lover?

Here's another way to help some the most important members of the Search and Rescue teams at the WTC disaster - the dogs. SAR Dogs are going through supplies such as booties, K9 eye/ ear wash, and Vet Wrap at a rapid clip. Apparently some dogs have been walking through the rubble with burlap tied to their legs and feet and are in great need of booties
and Vet Wrap to protect them. Booties need to be sizes medium and large. Vet Wrap can be in 4" or 2" widths.

If you would like to help our furry friends in New York and the Pentagon, please send CLEARLY marked packages identified as RESCUE DOG SUPPLIES to:

New York City Offices
c/o Search and Response
61 Chambers Street
New York, N.Y. 10007
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