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blended family....why so hard??

hi everyone.

i'm curious if anyone else has problems because of trying to blend two families together. i have two children, 21 (daughter) and 19 (son). i am also a widow of 16 years. my boyfriend has been living with us for the last 5 years. he is a good guy, but his personality and my daughters personality clash quite a bit. there can be times when they both get along great and other times when their attitudes clash to the point i'd like to scream!! i don't want to loose either one, but obviously if somebody has to leave, it will be him. i've told my daughter this and she says not to ask him to leave because there will be a day she will move out and it will be good for me to have him here. the catch is....my daughter is epileptic and is considered disabled. there are times that i know if she were to be on her own, she'd never make it. i'm tired of all the problems and issues. my boyfriend also has two kids, 19 (son) and 18 (daughter). i can get along with both of his kids, even though his son has issues with lying and stealing (a whole other story). i was raised to be nice to people even if you don't always get along. part of me wants to tell them all to figure it out themselves and the other part wants me to tell him to find somewhere else to live and be on my way. unfortunately the financial part for both of us would be devastating if he left because i only work 30 hours a week and he is on a temp job after a few years of being laid off. i feel stuck and i don't know what to do. any questions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks!!
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