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why is my ex boyfriend so confusing??

i recently started talking to my ex again after 3 years and a bad break up. He came back apologizing for being an *** back then and said that he wanted to be friends. He has a girlfriend in which he has a baby by and is living with but he is still interested in me. I asked about her and he says he loves her but is not in love with her. he also said that he is not going to marry her. I told him that there was no hope for that relationship and he got mad at me. i told him that he cant possibly love her if he is sneaking around calling me and is willing to cheat on her with me. He claims that he does love her and i cant tell him how he feels about his girlfriend. Im just so confused as to why he got mad at me for being truthful. He tells me everyday that he loves me and when i ask him if he is trying to get back with me, I can never get a straight answer. Please help me understand.
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Hi rubyrage21, Sounds to me like he is trying to play both & his girlfriend. He has a child with her. If he is trying to cheat on her with you, don't you think he'll do the same with you! Think back to the reason you broke up? Has he really changed, or is he playing a game... Try & think this through for yourself. He is not making a commitment sounds like he's playing a game. Don't become a "pawn" in his game. You deserve better, his girlfriend & baby deserve better. Good luck.
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Yes exactly what IRISH said. Please do what she suggested. For it will save you a hassle and heartache later on down the road. Rubyrage we all deserve to be loved by someone special but that means they aren't sneaking around and hitting on old girlfriends. Hope this helps. Hugs
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