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Oh gawd!

I am not a kid - I am old enough to know better, but .....

I have been seeing the same guy for nearly 8 months. He is a nice guy but 8 years older than me and he has been "taking it slow" because of previous bad relationships. Fine, I understand that, but I am also starved for affection and have a libido that just wont quit! For the past month I have been telling him that I need some intimacy in my life and if I don't find it with him, I will be gone. But as far as he has ever gone was to put his hand on my breast recently.

Last week I struck up a conversation with somebody else on-line and we got together yesterday for lunch and then went back to his place. Before the afternoon was out, I practically dragged him off to his bedroom! Oh god I needed that!

But now I feel like a slut! The first guy doesn't know what happened and I feel like I betrayed him. I have no idea yet where I stand with the second guy but when I am intimate with someone, I really get attached very quickly.

I can't even talk to any of my girlfriends about it - they are all married and very conservative. Even though they know I am kind of wild, having sex with someone on the first date is a bit much!

My emotions are SO confused!

Anybody have any advice?
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Just hope you were smart enough to use protection. How you live your life is totally up to you. As far a judging I'm not one to judge. At least I try not to. Good luck. Be Happy. You are the only one responsible for yourself.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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